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How to get rid of small cotton balls stuck to your bed sheets ?

A common problem in appearance of bedlinen and autumn and winter garments and sweaters is pilling.


  • 1. What is pilling or pill: It is surface defect which develops on the surface of textiles products with use – as the surface gets rubbed in use and washing, the abrasion causes a pill and small fiber balls called bobble or pill develop on the surface which is unsightly and difficult to remove.

  • 2. How to remove the pills: Once the pill develops there is not much one can do, some suggest to remove them with razor blade, like shaving them or  use sticking tape, Velcro or  small lint shavers which work like small shavers.These processes do remove lint, time consuming, not a complete solution and more effort than results. It develops in all man-made fabrics and garments as the fibers unravel in use and pills are formed. We shall confine our discussion here to natural fibers, cotton in specific.

How to choose a bedsheet for comfort, hygiene, aesthetics and price

How do we know what is the right bedsheet to buy? The question is not easy to answer, it is very relevant. As important as any other home product that you buy. More important as the number hours you spent, the maximum would be sleeping and you would be lying on a bedsheet. With this logic I would say it becomes very important that one knows how to choose the bedsheet for your bed.


The bed also occupies the maximum space in a bedroom. The bed is also the most expensive investment in the bedroom. If you sleep for 8 hours, then it is where you are spending 1/3rd of your life! I think it makes sense to KNOW how to buy the bedsheet. Not just know, to know it right is most important.





Windows in home play an extremely important role. In addition to letting in the sunlight and the air, they are the source of your room ambience. Sitting area comes into focus when your friends and guests enter, once they sit-down, their eyes go to the curtains and the walls. So your windows or curtains have a larger observation window, which means one should spend more time in understanding the type of curtains and the print, the colour, the technique and placement.


Most people just want to consider it a job and finish it like don’t and over wit approach.


You should carefully consider the direction of your window, on this depends the amount of light which would enter through the window into the room. Sun moves from East to West via South. So the amount of sunlight in terms of scale of 0 to 100 would be, keeping north at zero and West at 100.

The Buyer’s Guide for Printed Bed Sheets

We spend a lot of time in bed. Some of us find beds to be the most comfortable place in our home. This is where we can lie down and think about how we spent the day, enjoy cherished moments with our partners and have pillow fights with our kids. When you invest in quality bed linen, it adds to the comfort of your bed. When you buy bed sheets online, you will come across many options, from printed to solid colour bed sheets. If you are planning to buy printed bedsheets online, then here are a few things you may want to consider:

How to décor your bed room?

The warmth and comfort of a bed room makes it our very own personal sanctuary – the one place that is away from the disturbances of work and other pressures of life. When you plan to décor your bed room, remember these tips which can turn it into a figment of your dreams where you would love to come back to every day. 

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